Advanced Oncotherapy

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Advanced Oncotherapy has one focus: to defeat cancer and save lives. To achieve this, they are focused on developing technologies that will maximize the destructive effect on cancerous tumors, while minimizing the damage to healthy tissues. They are currently leading the new wave of proton therapy treatment by developing a smaller and significantly less expensive system than exists today. As Advanced Oncotherapy is working to bring this new technology to market, they are using Fusion Lifecycle as their single source of truth for evidence of business processes and reporting.

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  • One-stop shop for evidence of business processes and reporting
  • Currently using Fusion Lifecycle for Audit Management, Goods Receiving, Customer Complaints, Change Control, Intellectual Property Management
  • Working towards complete integration of PDM, PLM, and ERP activities to minimize administrative work and reduce risk of errors
  • Long term objective: All master data and ‘objects’ in one place for ease of audit

“The medical industry is exceptionally risk adverse. One of the main reasons we’re using Fusion Lifecycle is to reduce risk – in terms of our product, and in terms of the ultimate result of the treatment of patients.”


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