Supplier Collaboration

Supplier Collaboration

Stay connected 24/7 to your global supply chain with anytime, anywhere access to the information your extended organization needs for quoting, procurement, and supplier management.

Management of supplier information

Comprehensive information about suppliers is managed in a single, secure environment.

  • Including built-in apps for approved manufacturers lists (AML) and approved vendor lists (AVL).
  • Stakeholders can quickly access the information needed to approve suppliers and vendors, and manage supplier audits
  • Details on products each supplier currently provides and their strategic importance, across the organization

Time-based supplier review process workflows

The review process can be used to manage every supplier.

  • Procurement, Quality and other stakeholders can accurately track the real-time status
  • Time-based process notifies relevant stakeholders when a review is due for each supplier
  • The review status is widely visible, giving a good understanding of whether that supplier is active, and can be used at that point in time

Secure supplier participation in the procurement process

Cloud-based PLM offers secure third party access.

  • Suppliers can collaborate in the RFQ process
  • Reduces downstream errors caused by miscommunication
  • Drawings and 3D visualization models, can be accessed by suppliers
  • Leads to shorter lead times and higher accuracy of supplied items
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