Consumer Electronics & High Tech

Consumer Electronics & High Tech

Both the High Tech and Consumer Electronics Industries have product development that is characterized by complex BOMs, extensive networks of global suppliers/contractors, and constant product iterations driving innovation to keep up with highly competitive markets. Fusion Lifecycle, a multi-tenant Cloud-based PLM system, is built upon a highly configurable interface that allows the solution to easily adapt to existing processes and environments, while also extending beyond traditional PLM functions.

Addressing Key Industry Challenges

Facilitate Global Supplier Collaboration

Lower collaboration barriers with suppliers by utilizing a centralized system that controls access and security of critical documents while ensuring everyone is working with up-to-date designs.

Reduce Errors Due to BOM and Document Accuracy

Remove collaboration hurdles of incorrect versioning or unnecessary rework by ensuring everyone has immediate access to searchable information during a products lifecycle.

Automate New Product Introduction Processes

Bypass extraneous status update meetings, email, and online file sharing coordination with built out NPI workflows that ensure the right stakeholders get brought into the conversation at the right time.

Meet Compliance, Quality and Environmental Standards

Easily eliminate heartburn associated with meeting Industry (ROHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals etc.) or local standards by building in traceability to all of your critical processes.

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