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WeedingTech designs and manufactures award winning state-of- the-art delivery systems and the world’s leading method of herbicide-free weed, moss and algae control; Foamstream. Their machines also offer additional functionality for street cleaning and gum and graffiti removal in the amenity and utility markets. Founded with a mission to bring the best alternative solution to the herbicide-free market through using innovative technology to solve customer’s problems and provide an unparalleled customer service experience, WeedingTech has experienced rapid growth since its creation and are now in 20 countries across two continents. They were looking for a method to manage their supply chain, increase communication – both internally and externally, and to continue improving their customer service. Fusion Lifecycle has given them a central repository and approval system for managing customer issue reports.

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  • Ensures quality data is being entered into one central system, at all times.
  • Issues can be entered easily and quickly – i.e. while on the phone with a customer
  • Provides real-time information and allows for an easy manager approval process

“One of the benefits of Fusion Lifecycle that we’re seeing is that everyone can easily access it via their browser or on their phone and more importantly, they can use it without needing specific training.”


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