TechN GmbH


TechN GmbH is a privately-owned company based in Berlin, Germany that is developing an innovative watercooling system for high-end consumer graphic cards.  As computers get more powerful and applications become more process intensive, air cooling becomes a limiting factor. Adding the capabilities of watercooling to computer components greatly reduces temperature, as well as provides better application performance with reduced noise.

Founded in 2014, it is essential for TechN to bring its new product innovations to market quickly. They selected a cloud-based PLM solution to help manage their product development processes because it is easy to operate, to configure, and will scale with the company as it grows. Fusion Lifecycle gives TechN a single environment to manage both engineering data and engineering processes, and to collaborate with suppliers.


  • Allows for one version of truth from concept, to simulation, to prototype and production – reduces errors and time to market
  • New Product Introduction: manages product development processes and tasks – gives insights on development costs and project timeline
  • Ability to access information from anywhere while providing a secure and efficient way to manage communications with their supply chain
  • Speeds up product certification and audit processes
  • Cloud-based PLM is easy to operate, as well as to configure, and can be adjusted as the business grows



“Fusion Lifecycle provides us a cloud infrastructure of product data we can access from anywhere. Being that it’s easy to configure, it’s proven to be a cost-effective solution that can be adjusted as our business grows.”


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