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P3 Medical Limited is a privately-owned UK-based company that specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative, high-quality medical devices for the global healthcare market. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Bristol in the South West of England, with an additional production and clean room facility in Preston in the North West of England. Today with over 100 employees, P3 Medical works closely with clinicians to develop cost-effective solutions which enhance hospital efficiency, patient care and overall safety in operating rooms. In addition to marketing its own products, P3 Medical also acts as UK distributor to a number of leading medical device manufacturers to bring innovative products of high quality and value to hospitals.

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  • Modernized their new product introduction and engineering change processes to pass future ISO audits
  • Reduced the workload to prepare for an audit by 50%
  • Integrated with NetSuite ERP
  • With two locations in the UK and representatives worldwide, Fusion Lifecycle provided accessibility and security
  • Went live with Fusion Lifecycle in just 8 weeks
  • ISO auditor was impressed with processes and documentation

“Even though we are a small company, Fusion Lifecycle provides us with the capability to conduct ourselves as a large company – the ability to show potential customers how we manage and control our processes is a huge competitive advantage.”


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