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Accelerate Conference

Wine and PLM at Accelerate 2015

By     JULY 10, 2015

In the 7 weeks left leading up to Accelerate 2015, our 2nd annual PLM event, I will be introducing a few of the classes that will be available to attendees, along with the customers who will be leading them. If you haven't yet registered for your free pass, I encourage you to do so here.

The first class I would like to highlight involves two of my favorite things: Wine and PLM. This class will be led by KJ Carlson from Club W, a very cool company, and the world's only personalized wine club that delivers exceptional wines right to your door (or the door of your mom, friend, or whomever you'd like).

Club W Pic

How can a start-up winery go from producing zero wines a year to over 100, while adding zero headcount and keeping it brain damage free? By not over thinking the process and giving the team a simple, single source of the truth for all of their work. Implementing PLM 360 very early into their process, Club W laid the foundation for their product team to work error free in a collaborative environment, avoiding the normal pain of excel and email-based work. Hear Club W's story of going from 10 employees in the company and needing to ramp up to 100,000 cases of wine and over 100+ SKUs, followed by a discussion with a focus on the business vs. designing processes for process sake.

Want a taste? Check out this interview of KJ by Jim Brown from Tech-Clarity. Keep an eye out for future class highlights – we look forward to seeing you in Boston!


Kim Stout, Community Manager