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Why You Should Join the PLM 360 Beta

By     JANUARY 29, 2016

You've heard us talk quite a bit recently about the Autodesk PLM 360 Beta Program. Last year, we shared our thoughts on the importance of hearing from our users in PLM 360 Ideastation – It takes a Community.

After we consider all of your enhancement and feature requests, and run them by our Customer Advisory Board, those that make it in are first available to our customers in Beta. This is your chance to see what's coming in-product, and to give your feedback about new functionality before it's officially added.

Don't like the way something works? Tell us! Find a bug? Definitely tell us. This process is extremely important, as it helps us to ensure that new functionality is working the way it should before we release it as part of the product. Check out the quick video below for info on why you should join.


– Kimberly Stout, Community Manager