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What's New in PLM 360: December 2015 Release

By     DECEMBER 15, 2015

Over the weekend, we successfully released more features and functionalities to help improve and grow the PLM 360 product.

Classification has played a big part in helping manufacturer / industrial customers organize and categorize their parts, components, and materials. With that in mind, we have continued to build on the Classification theme by adding 2 more features. The first feature will allow Admin users to modify and re-order the pick list values to better fit their business needs. Users can set the pick list value from Top to Low priority, or from most used to least used. The second feature will allow admin users to provide more information and clarity to other users by having descriptions displayed. Now users can refer to the description information as a guide to properly select the Classification Class or Root Node.

The other important function that has been utilized by many of our customers is the Import Function. With this release, we also added the ability to import scientific notation through the tool. Many customers can now take the figures/calculations in scientific notation import directly without having to perform the conversion process.


What's New in PLM 360

What's New Start
December 2015 Release     

Features and Enhancements                                                                  

  • Classification – Pick List Values can be re-ordered
  • Classification – Class Descriptions are now displayed when classifying items
  • Import Tool – Import numbers written in Scientific Notation

Resolved Issues

  • The WHERE USED tab now shows the correct quantity and unit values for parent items
  • On Create and On Edit scripts now run as expected when importing
  • Fields with a unique validation turned on no longer cause an import to fail

New Features

Classification A

  1. This will allow Admin User to set or arrange the priority of the drop-down Pick List
  2. Allow user to have more control on the value display in the Pick List

First pic

Classification B

  1. Classification – Class Description are now displayed when classifying items
  1. The Classification Description will help improve the user experience.
  2. It will provide much needed information and clarification to properly select the Class Root

Classification 2

Import Tool

  1. This will allow the use of scientific notation in fields to be imported without any issues
  2. This will help prove more flexibility for customers with complex field data

Classifications 3
Read the full release notes here.

– Trung Nguyen, PLM 360 Product Manager