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Fusion Lifecycle Updates

Tip Tuesday! What's New in Fusion Lifecycle: March 2018

By     MARCH 6, 2018

Last weekend bought another update to your Fusion Lifecycle tenant.  Here’s What’s New:

New Undergoing Change Stamp in Modern User Interface

Now in the modern user interface, a green stamp displays on the working version of a Revision Controlled item when it is managed by a re-visioning item.

View Site Content in the Item Details in the Modern User Interface

This release introduces enhancements to iframes tags in the modern user interface, allowing content located elsewhere in the site to be rendered in the Item Details tab.

Units of Measure Now Available in Item Details in the Modern User Interface

Now when you view, edit, create, clone, and quick create items, units of measure are displayed for fields in the Item Details tab.

New Workspace Views Switching Feature for the Modern User Interface

Now you can view workspaces in split view, resize the split view, and horizontally scroll in the split view.

Additional Enhancements

  • Made improvements to how data is displayed, including allowing more items to fit on the page and adding support for multiple lines in workspace views.
  • The Column Management Widget is now located outside of the table to improve horizontal scrolling.
  • The current menu location now displays in the menu next to the back button.
  • Now you can click anywhere in a row to open an item in workspace view in the modern user interface.
  • Search indexing performance is improved, making it easier for you to find your data.

For a list of Resolved Issues, check the Release Notes on the Help Guide.

– Michelle Stone, Fusion Adoption Team