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Fusion Lifecycle Updates

What's New in Fusion Lifecycle: June 2017

By     JUNE 27, 2017

Our new release is hot, hot, hot!  Or maybe I’m thinking about the weather here in Portland last week.  We hit triple digits! Here is what’s new in the June 2017 update:

  • New Copy Item Ability for Modern Interface

You can now copy items in the modern interface with the Clone command. Copying an item creates a new item with all of the source item’s details, including all tab data, such as attachments, BOM listings, and relationships.


  • New Description View When Creating an Item

You can now view the description of a field when creating an item in the modern interface.


  • Workspace Now Displays the Number of Items

You can now view the number of items in a workspace.

  • New Escalation Time Range

Escalation time can now be set to 999 days or fewer.


We also resolved quite a few known issues – if you had an open support case, that team should be following up.  In the meantime, here’s a list:

Resolved Issues

  • Email notifications sent in the modern interface are now cleaner, do not contain HTML tags, and have a more readable subject line.
  • Updating or saving an item containing an OnEdit script that updates a field used as a pivot for a derived field is now faster.
  • The bookmarks panel in the dashboard is no longer empty after navigating it for a second time.
  • The item.addBOM method in scripting no longer lets you create duplicate entries in the database.
  • Users can now see a deleted item with the revision value of “Superseded.”
  • The loading time is now faster for BOM tabs containing multiple columns.
  • Users are no longer logged out of the system during certain workflows.
  • Effectivity dates for affected items no longer show yesterday’s date when you release an item today.
  • Users no longer have to refresh the browser to see bookmarks in the modern interface.
  • A value of False can now be used when setting an Is Latest Version or Is Working Version filter on the Items and BOMs workspace.
  • The Workflow Action dialog and Filter menu in the modern interface no longer shudder in certain conditions.
  • In the modern interface, an attachment is no longer added twice if a user double-clicks on the add button in the Attachments tab.
  • The details page for the Quick Create ECO workflow in the modern interface now loads correctly after creation.
  • Importing users all by name in a pick-list multi-select no longer produces an error.

— Michelle Stone, Fusion Adoption Team