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Fusion Lifecycle Updates

What's in the latest Fusion Lifecycle update

By     MAY 8, 2018

Hi all, you may have noticed there were updates made to your Fusion Lifecycle Tenant this week. Here’s a quick rundown of the top enhancements:

Now you can view CAD models that are in the Attachments Tab using the Autodesk Viewer.

Check out all the cool capabilities of this viewer here.

There is also some workflow improvements on the Managed Items List. Two use cases have been improved, providing users with more information via a tooltip explaining why they add specific item attachments. In the first use case a tooltip will explain the item that the user is attempting to attach is already attached to archived item, including a link to the archived item so the user can resolve the issue.

With the second use case the tooltip helps users identify that an item cannot be added because it is already attached.

The Workflow maps now have more information, too. A dialog will now show more information about outgoing transitions, including a list who can perform a transition and those that have approved a transition.

Lastly, another great enhancement is with workspace views: users can now create their own custom views!

But that’s not everything. There’s a bunch of other great enhancements as well as several resolved issues – see the full list in the Release Notes.

–Michelle, Cloud Adoption Specialist