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Webinar Wednesday! Creating New Scripts Easily in PLM 360

By     APRIL 2, 2014

So yesterday the day got away from me and alas, no Tip Tuesday blog.  To make up for it, I have a scripting tip for you!  Brian Schanen and I went over some tips, tricks, and best practices for scripting in today’s PLM Talk technical webinar.  Brian helped demystify scripting and we walked through several examples that are included in your tenant.

The “GenIsOwner’” Condition script is used quite a bit – it’s a great way to essentially lock access to a workflow transition to only the record owner.  Let’s talk about how easy it would be to copy this existing script and tweak it a bit – what if we wanted to make sure someone else has their eyes on a change and reviews and approves it (avoid rubber stamping!)?  We can easily add a “GenIsNotOwner” script to a transition to make sure someone other than the record owner performs a transition.

Simply copy the existing script to a new name and switch around the true : false. Voila!  That was easy.  Now you have another script in your arsenal.