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Autodesk University

Vault at Autodesk University 2015

By     SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

Remember your first time at Autodesk University?

My first Autodesk University was at AU 1998 in Philadelphia, PA. My employer had just made the decision to move to Autodesk from Computervison MEDUSA and CADDS 5.  A co-worker and I convinced management that Autodesk University would be the most cost effective method for us to get up to speed in order to prepare for the switch, and it was. I took classes covering various products and topics; Mechanical Desktop, Auto LISP, CAD Manger topics (taught by Robert Green likely), and incredible tips for AutoCAD. Countless testimonials over the years from the multitudes of Autodesk customer and partners all agree, if you use Autodesk software or plan to there isn’t a better event for networking and knowledge sharing.

Autodesk University 1998 was when I discovered out I wanted to be involved in helping others learn about CAD technology and that they don’t ID you at the AUGI beer bust ( I was still 20 🙂 ).  Fast forward fifteen plus years and I have only missed three AU’s since. Recently I have been fortunate enough to help curate the Autodesk Vault for manufacturing classes over the last few years. So here is what’s in store this year at AU Las Vegas 2015 and why this year is must for those considering Vault and or those that want to keep growing with Vault as the tool set keeps expanding. We have over thirty (30) classes this year covering Autodesk Vault and below are a few classes to check out. 

This year we designed a few different tracks for our manufacturing centric classes so you can handpick the best for your needs with this preview or check out the entire class list here.

Hopefully you will be able to sneak a few Vault classes into the week and we will see you in Vegas.

Tire Kickers and Newbies

PL11424 - An Introduction To Vault

PL9954 - Behind the Music (Stories from Vault Users)

PL10408 - Got Vault? How to Build a Business Case for Data Management

Those ready to move beyond the asics to supercharge your PDM environment

PL11319 - Evolve with Vault: What's New in Vault 2016

PL10597 - Behaviors (101) for Younglings

PL11233 - Behaviors 201 for Padawan Learners

PL10600 - Beyond Engineering to Sales, Purchasing, and Management with Vault Office

PL11369 - Vault Data Standard 2016—An Introduction

PL11224 - Moving from Files to Items in Vault—Part 1

PL11458 - Moving from Files to Items in Vault—Part 2

Vault Administrators

PL10972 - Becoming a Master at Vault Administration

PL9712 - Cloudy with a Chance of Vault

PL11664 - Behaviors 301 for the Jedi Master

PL11377 - Into the Habit Hole—Advanced Data Standard Configuration and Customization

Additional classes to consider for all ages and skill levels:

PL11319 - Evolve with Vault: What's New in Vault 2016

PL10386 - Autodesk Vault – Looking into the Crystal Ball (Can't Miss)

PL10733 - The Power Of Custom Objects

PL10593 - Data Management Avengers III (Shouldn't Miss)

BM10369 - Workflow of Design Suite in a Global Environment: Design to Manufacturing

– Kevin Robinson, Product Manager