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Vault and Inventor - New Versions, Compatibility and All That

By     DECEMBER 10, 2015

As many will be aware the Inventor team has provided subscription users with updated builds of Inventor 2016 containing a bunch of cool enhancements, that you can check out here:

Whats new in Inventor 2016 R2 –

Whats new in Inventor 2016 R3 –

All good and well you say, but what does that mean for Vault users?  Are patches required?  New versions of Vault, migration and client installs? Can we even install these updated builds?  

Well the good news is, none of the above is an issue.  Users simply need to update the Inventor install and continue on using Vault – there is no client side or server updates required to support the new versions of Inventor 2016.

Inv R2

We continue to work closely with the Inventor team to ensure minimal disruption through patching and update releases as we look at better ways to deliver functionality to you guys without costly migration and downtime.

So feel free to install, test and play with the new Inventor builds, or, add to your IT wishlist for Christmas without having to worry about your Vault add-in keeping pace.

– Allan