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Using Validators in Fusion Lifecycle

By     MARCH 29, 2017

FLC Tips

Sometimes, you just need a little validation.  Fusion Lifecycle can help you out there.  A great way to ensure the information end users input meets predefined criteria is to establish validators when you configure the workspace.  They can be simple (requiring a value is set for a field, making sure if conforms to a specified date format) or you can get all fancy – set up dependency or uniqueness validators.  One that I find useful is the ‘Unique Combination of 2 Fields in a workspace’.  Imagine you have multiple product lines and multiple factories and want to make sure you only have one record for a given combination – a validator will help you out!

Another example – let’s say you have a severity field.  You can require if the user selects ‘high’, they must also fill out the description field.  And if you’re tired of not getting meaty details, insist that the description has a minimum length!

Ready to get a bit more advanced?  You can even use Regular Expressions to define what values are acceptable (a good best practice is to include a field description so the end user knows the rules).  Below is an example of setting up a field so that all entries start with either ‘C’ or ‘K’ followed by a zero then 4 digits.

Learn more about Field Validators on the Wiki and pop over here for some Regular Expression insight.

– Michelle Stone