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Project Management

Updating our Office

By     MARCH 25, 2014

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One of the most requested enhancements of recent times on our ideastation (If you still don't know what an ideastation is – read up on it here) is increased support of the Autodesk Vault integrations for Microsoft Office products.  

These add ins which permit users to manage vaulted documents directly inside Word, Excel, Powerpoint (and Outlook for Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional customers) have been around for some time but previously only supported up to the 2010 Office release.

We are therefore happy to announce a new update is available to customers via the subscription center which fully integrates Autodesk Vault 2014 into Microsoft Office 2013, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

The integrations are vital in providing the ability to easily manage all of the supporting information for your Digital Prototype, including email correspondence, specifications, calculations, and presentations, enabling the entire workgroup to collaborate more effectively and get to market faster. Users can now further enhance these capabilities by working with the latest Microsoft applications. 


Photo: Peter Alfred Hesse