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Tip Tuesday! Workflow Notifications Demystified in Autodesk PLM 360

By     SEPTEMBER 23, 2014

5438832695_e7c175a668_zIn our last release of Autodesk PLM 360, we improved how workflow notifications work to simplify their set up (see explanation for how they worked in the past in Don’t Go Cross-eyed Figuring Out Notifications).  Workflow notifications are now more efficient. When Notify owner by e-mail on occurrence is turned on for a transition in the Workflow Editor, only the owner of the item is notified when the transition is performed. When Notify users who have permissions to perform the action is turned on, those users are notified when the item enters the next state. Members of approval board transitions are notified only when the item enters the next state instead of on each time a member approves the transition.


Today’s tip for any of our admins is to review your workflow notification settings and make sure they are configured as you desire with this new simplification.  In the past since Notify owner had to be enabled for downstream transition to show, your users may now be getting more notifications than they need.  Decoupling these notifications means you only need to select the the notify users one.

Join us tomorrow for an overview of all the other new features in our latest PLM 360 release during PLM Talk.


Photo: Eva Peris