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Tip Tuesday! What’s Cooking in Autodesk PLM 360

By     NOVEMBER 25, 2014

3862518765_c1277e0413_zOver the weekend, we released a new version of PLM 360.  I’ll be doing a deeper dive into each of the new features over the next few Feature Friday posts, but figured I’d give a high level overview today.

You can read more about What’s New in the Help (be sure to also check out the new Support area we just put in with more information about Community Support and Technical Support).

Add Related Items to Affected Items list

You can now add related items to the Affected Items list. Choose to add children and/or parents. Items are added by default if the Working revision is different from the Released revision AND if the item is Unreleased. Related items are added only if they are not already linked to another revisioning item.

On Demand Script

Administrators can now add multiple on-demand scripts to a workspace. Users can see the name of the script being run.

Code Complete

Code Complete provides contextual scripting assistance by suggesting and completing the names of relevant functions and fields as you code custom scripts.

Named Sequencers

Create an automated custom sequence using any string as the base with the new scripting and API enhancements for creating part numbers.

Be sure to check out the Release Notes as well. 

If you are attending Autodesk University next week, hope to see you there! Review the list of PLM 360 classes and sign up. I really like the new AU app so download that to have class handouts, your schedule, and the venue map at your fingertips. 

I’ll be in the Answer Bar if you want some in person PLM Talk or stop by my 60 PLM 360 Tips in 60 Minutes class to get almost 3 years worth of PLM 360 tips, tricks, and best practices boiled down to one hour!  Good thing I talk fast…

— Michelle

Photo: Irene Kightley (I’ve been researching rocket stoves and this was a perfect fit for today’s blog)