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Tip Tuesday! Using an Auto Description in a BOM View - PLM 360

By     MARCH 29, 2016

Resistor StockToday’s tip is hot off the presses from a recent Discussion Forum post.  There was a question about adding Classification fields to the BOM Views on the BOM tab.  While this currently isn’t possible, there’s a great workaround to achieve the desired result (and this can also be displayed on the Item Details page).  It’s covered in detail in an Autodesk University class from last year, Keep Your Tenant Cutting Edge, Part 2: Advanced PLM 360 Classification Techniques.  I'll include another example in this post as well…


The Classification information can be used to drive the description field. 


For background – here’s a look into the Classification Manager set up for this class:


This is done by concatenating the values from the classification along with some text:

'RESISTOR ' + item.classification.PACKAGE.displayValue + ' ' + 
item.classification.MOUNTING_STYLE.displayValue +
 ' ' + item.classification.RESISTANCE + 'Ω ' + 
item.classification.POWER_RATING + 'mW ' + 
item.classification.TOLERANCE + '% '

You can use that field in a BOM View (if it’s not already part of the descriptor) and see the classification info that way.

image image

Hope that helps!