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Tip Tuesday! Tune In to This Best Practice Tip for Autodesk PLM 360 Configuration

By     AUGUST 11, 2015

96629375_b9ba422832_z Today I have a configuration best-practice tip for you admins.  A couple years ago I pointed out why it’s important to have fields used in a descriptor required in It’s the Little Things.  We’ll extend that now to employing a similar practice with radio buttons, bought to you by a recent post on our Discussion Forum.

Radio buttons aren't supposed to be left blank and usually are marked with a required validation. Even then, they are left unchecked traditionally allowing admins to not have to force a default selection eg. [yes|no] or [male|female]. In these cases, the onus is on the user to must select an option (when field is required) or leave it untouched. For radios that aren't required, accidental "push"-es with intent to clear the selected are normally appropriated with users cancelling the form and starting over. You could educate your users that they cannot "unpush" a pushed radio button, unless they push some other radio option. Alternatively, consider introducing a new radio option entry called "undecided" or "n/a" to address the issue of accidental selections. However, If your field is an optional selection and is a radio control, my recommendation is to look into other field type definition.


Photo: cpstorm