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Tip Tuesday! Troubleshooting Logon Issues with PLM 360

By     FEBRUARY 4, 2014


Today I have a couple of tips for you PLM 360 admins when it comes to helping new folks get set up to use PLM 360.  The process is straightforward – you add the new users account to PLM 360 and have them log in with their Autodesk ID that’s associated with the email you used to set up their account in PLM 360.  But in some cases, you may find the user comes back with a “But I can’t log in” report.

One typical issue is they may be using an Autodesk ID that’s not associated with the email you set up in PLM 360.  To troubleshoot, ask the end user to see if they can log on to  If so, have them verify the email address associated with the account (since the Autodesk ID is used for our discussion groups as well, often users will have one from way back when and may have never updated the email to their current company).  Another common problem is the end user thinks they have an account set up, but really don’t.  Have them try to create an account – if their email is already registered, they’ll see that (and can request a password reset from the main page):



There’s a great write-up on the Help with more information on how to Troubleshoot Accounts.  Also, I’ll be going over User Management in tomorrow’s PLM Talk if you need more information.