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Tip Tuesday: Even an Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

By     OCTOBER 17, 2017

It turns out, that even an old dog can learn new tricks. While on a call the other day with a new Fusion Lifecycle customer, I came across a tip that can be really helpful for new administrators.  I guess I overlooked it in the past, but noticed while training that if you hover over the Permissions when setting up a new role, you will get a summary of what permissions that role gives, and what tasks they can complete (without having to go to the Help guide, where they are also covered). In my defense, it’s a bit off to the side.

Once my new admin realized this was there to help him setup his needed roles, he was ready to get started. I typically train folks to think about each of the sections to see if they are needed (the sections roughly relate to tabs in the workspace), and then depending on what level of access a user group needs, only move over the permission of tasks you want them to perform.

Until next time!

– Michelle Stone, Fusion Adoption Team, Autodesk