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Tip Tuesday! Taking a Vacation from PLM 360

By     APRIL 8, 2014

mt_hood_tentToday’s tip is for the end user!  So if you’re an administrator, this is a great tidbit to include in your training materials for how to use the delegations feature.  Summer is fast approaching and vacation is on my mind!  Let’s say I want to delegate some of my work to someone else while I’m out camping in the wilderness.  We’ve talked in the past about the nuts and bolts of setting up a delegation, but before you can even set one up, you need to think about to whom you want to delegate your work.  A good way to review likely candidates is to use the Interactive Workflow Map to see who else can perform transitions (we covered this previously in Seeing Who to Pester in PLM 360).

I suggest reviewing the workspace and clicking on the state where you will need to have someone take over for you to see who has permissions:


Now that I know I can have Sally, Charley, Quentin, or Peter do my work in this workspace, I can set up my delegation, turn on my ‘out-of-office’ in Outlook, and enjoy a break.


Photo:  Me camping on Mt. Hood, August 2011