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Tip Tuesday: All about Tabs in Autodesk PLM

By     MAY 3, 2016

I’ve been preparing some training materials around on-boarding new Administrators to Autodesk PLM and have not one, but two tips today!  First, I’m going to dig up one of my very first blog posts from almost 4 years ago (time flies!) and remind folks that you can see the tab type right in the URL. Check it out: Tip Tuesday! Tab: Not just a retro soft drink.

The add-on to this is that you can see what the tab used to be named in the Workspace Manager, as well as revert back if desired.  You can also rearrange the tabs (except for the Item Details one – you can rename, but not move that).  Something else to bear in mind – only the tabs that are available via permissions added to a role given to a group will be visible.

More about how to Customize Tab Names and Set Up Permissions on the Help.

— Michelle