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Tip Tuesday! Share Your Favorite Fusion Lifecycle Tips at AU2017

By     MAY 16, 2017

Tomorrow is the final day to submit your proposals for this year’s Autodesk University. In addition to submitting your own class (see Call for Proposals for more details) you can also Request a Class (in case you aren’t quite ready to teach yet, but want to learn more about a particular topic).

I was *just* in the breakroom at work chatting with a coworker on another product about what we’ll be submitting (he asked about the ‘60 Tips in 60 Minutes’ class I did a few years ago – while it was fun, I thought the format of ‘Feature You Aren’t Using but Should Be’ was better).  I’ll be curious to see what he submits!  I’ve got ideas for a couple (one around digging deeper into the base tenant we deliver to customers and understanding the workspace relationships already configured and provided scripts, and another talking about the 90 day framework I’ve been using on the Fusion Adoption team to help get new customers up and running quickly).

I’m also happy to co-present with a customer!  Email me if you want to talk about this –

— Michelle Stone, Fusion Adoption Team Product Manager