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Tip Tuesday! Get your Search on in PLM 360

By     NOVEMBER 3, 2015


8099376006_10779bb462_zYesterday Tyler gave the Vault folks a Quick Tip on Searching in Vault Explorer.  He also recently gave us PLM peeps a short and sweet video on the Updated Search Functionality in PLM 360. Want some tips on how to get the best search results, particularly when doing a cross-workspace search?  (This  is when you initiate the search from the main page – you’ll have the option to filter by workspace in the left pane in case you get too many results – find out more on how to Filter Search Results).

  • It is not necessary to use the Boolean AND operator. If the search string contains more than one word, the words are combined in an AND search by default. For example, granny smith apple finds granny AND smith AND apple.
  • The Boolean operator OR can be used between search terms to return results matching any one of a list of terms. For example,granny OR smith returns results that contain either the value granny or the value smith.
  • The Boolean AND and OR operators search for matches across all fields not just within a single field.
  • Leading and trailing wildcards are assumed by default. For example, rand finds brand, random, and grandmother.
  • Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase. For example, “granny smith” finds items containing the exact phrase granny smith.

Happy finding!


Photo: Petra Bensted