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Tip Tuesday! Saying Bye, Bye, Bye to Items in Autodesk PLM 360

By     MARCH 8, 2016

n-DELETE-BUTTON-628x314 I want to share a bit about what it means to delete an item in PLM 360.  When a user (that has permission) deletes an item, it’s what is known as a soft delete. Why?  One of the main reasons to implement an enterprise software like PLM is to keep a solid of record of who did what, where, when, and why.  By marking something "deleted", it is no longer returned when running a search or from the workspace views (though you can set up a filter to show deleted records in a view).  Think of it as hidden instead of being physically deleted (in the database, this translates to flagging the item as deleted – nothing else is changed. You can think of it as having a status property: Active or Deleted.)

Deleted items can be undeleted – when you undelete the item, it simply removes the deleted flag in the database.

While you’re in the set up phase of a new workspace (before you roll it out to all your end users), you may want to test the configuration and workflow.  An administrator has the ability to permanently delete ALL items in a workspace by using the Purge icon in the Workspace Manager.  Note: Use this feature carefully. When you purge a workspace, all its items are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.


Photo: boygovideo via Getty Images