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Tip Tuesday! Save Time with Filtered Picklists in Fusion Lifecycle

By     MAY 2, 2017

Save time and eliminate user error with filtered picklists in Fusion Lifecycle. This is an intelligent picklist manager, and is dependent on selections made previously.

Fusion Lifecycle Picklists

If we were talking about soft drinks and you said "Cola" then you would expect only Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, RC Cola and any other black, carbonated sugar delivery device to show up on the list.  (By the way, if you recognized RC cola, you are not a millennial, just FYI.)

A real example that you might use in Fusion Lifecycle?  Zipcodes.  Grab an existing list, and import zip codes into a reference workspace - this gives you the ability to automatically find the information once the state and city is filled out.

Check out the video below to see it in use!

It’s also covered well in Bryan and Michelle’s excellent class from Autodesk University: 13 – 19 minutes

– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing