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Tip Tuesday! Resolved Issues in the Fusion Lifecycle March 2017 Release

By     MARCH 7, 2017

Fixes stockWhen you logged into Fusion Lifecycle yesterday, you may have noticed we had another release.  We’ll be covering the new features in the March release on the blog at the end of the week. 

Today I want to raise awareness of all the resolved issues.  If you had previously worked with our support team, they’ll have followed up (need a reminder on how to log a support case?  See detailed instructions in the Help: Fusion Lifecycle Technical Support).

So what was resolved in the March release?

    • Resolved an issue in which removing a field from a multi-select picklist could result in a 500 server error when running a report or splitting the workspace view.
    • Searching for an approver by first name now returns results.
    • The scripting method item.project.clear() now works as expected.
    • The main menu layout defined in classic mode is now reflected correctly in the modern interface.
    • Reports can now include effectivity date.
    • Scripts are now listed alphabetically in the workflow editor.
    • An issue in which the position of a note in the workflow editor prevented the map from saving is resolved.
    • Imported items now correctly show the user's login name in the Last Modified By column.
    • Revision T is no longer skipped per the ASME Y14.35M revision standard.
    • When logging in, the Stay signed in option now works as expected.
    • Search results now include linking single select picklist values.
    • Closing a multi-select picklist no longer leaves typed characters in the picklist.
    • BOM UOM picklists now show the correct count of matches when filtering for text.
    • Credentials expire after 24 hours of inactivity.

Keep an eye out for Feature Friday – we'll be sharing what's new!

– Michelle Stone