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Tip Tuesday! Refining Search Results in Autodesk PLM 360

By     MARCH 1, 2016

As part of the ongoing improvements we're making to the Search feature, a change was made in the latest release of PLM 360.  "Unreleased" items are no longer showing up as part of "Latest Revision." They now show up when filtering by "All Revisions" or "Working".  To explain a bit more, I'll share a couple of examples (using the sample data in the base tenant).  If I search for “pcb” in the Items and BoMs workspace, I initially see these 4 results (the latest released):


If I change the Revision/Versions to Working, I now see the Unreleased ones (6 in total):


As expected, if I change to All Revisions I see all 10 results.

You can learn more on how to Filter Search Results in our Help.

Have ideas on how you’d improve Search?  Share them on IdeaStation (link filtered for existing ideas tagged as ‘Search’ – feel free to add your own).