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Tip Tuesday! Record Revival in PLM 360

By     MARCH 25, 2014

Today’s tip involves a common question from new users of PLM 360 and the concept of removing records. Depending on your permission level, you may have the ability to Delete a record/item when looking at it. You’ll know right away when you see a red X icon (upper right corner).

3-25-2014 15-02-43

If you in fact do have the rights to perform this, upon deletion, you’ll also note the Undelete icon takes its place immediately. This is nice for those Oops moments where you actually meant to Clone or Pin the record, not remove it.

3-25-2014 15-02-24

So, what happens if you move off the page, click another item, miss your window to bring this record back from the dead? Good news. The record is not really deleted, and you can get this back relatively easily.

This involves creating a new view in the left pane. There’s always a ‘My Default View’ to look at, but rather than edit that one, click the drop down carrot and Add a view.

3-25-2014 15-03-41

Give the new View a descriptive name like ‘Deleted Items’ and send over the necessary fields to show as columns. Item Descriptor, Current State, Owner, come to mind here – anything that help you sort out which records to bring back. One last step – and this is the important one. Check the box in the lower right corner to show deleted records. Click Save and enable this view.

3-25-2014 15-04-52

Now you can select the records individually and use the Undelete icon to bring those items back.

3-25-2014 15-39-35

That’s all for now. Try this out, make a few View filters, and enjoy. Next time, we’ll examine the Workspace Purge command, which is a more permanent removal of records in a Workspace.

-Brian Schanen