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Tip Tuesday! Recent Updates to Autodesk PLM 360

By     APRIL 26, 2016

8383290576_902c3e3280_z In case you missed it, here’s what’s been recently resolved in PLM 360 in our April patch.




Resolved Issues

  • Improved derived fields experience.
    • Improved performance of derived field value propagation.
    • Fixed an issue with empty derived fields of type Date.
  • Improved search experience.
    • Improved search performance.
    • Improved search indexing speed for better search results.
    • The superseded revision is no longer returned when searching for the latest revision.
    • When searching for latest revisions in revision controlled workspaces, results include the latest revision and unreleased revisions.
  • Improved workflow notifications.
    • Fixed workflow e-mail notifications sent when no outgoing transitions are marked with Notify users who have permission to perform it.
    • Workflow notifications now include all of the transitions available to the recipient.
    • In a loop transition, an item owner who can also perform transitions now receives a single e-mail that includes the available transitions when Notify owner on occurrence is turned on.
    • Workflow notifications for a loop transition are sent only the first time to approval board members that haven't approved the step.
    • Fixed workflow state reminders to notify only eligible users.
    • Improved escalation performance.
  • Session inactivity duration extended from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.



Photo: Patch by astrid westvang