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Tip Tuesday! Pretty as a Picture in PLM 360

By     MAY 6, 2014

Today’s tip is how to display a picture in an Advanced Print View – Joe Piggee from our support team wrote up a detailed example of how it use an image in an Advance Print View on our forum.  I’ll walk through an additional example here showing how to create a print view for the Products workspace.


To be able to use that image in a print view, you need need to tweak the code a bit – nothing too scary, promise!  Set up your advanced print view with the section that has the image field.


You need to modify the highlighted line (field for image):


Wrap this in  <img src=”/servlets/ImageServlet/?imageid=” height=”60″>  {Note: you can alter the height as needed – your image field will go in after the ‘?imageid= bit}

So the result is: <img src=”/servlets/ImageServlet/?imageid=${item.itemDetails.sections[“Product Design”].fields.IMAGE.value}” height=”60″>


And the resulting Advanced Print View comes out as such:


In addition to the help, there are a few previous blogs for Using Advanced Print Views and Getting even more advanced with Advanced Print Views.