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Bill of Materials

Tip Tuesday! Pinning Down Details about BoM Features in Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle

By     MAY 17, 2016

15023007521_aba5da1071_z Today’s tip comes from a recent Bill of Material webinar run by our own Gavin England. Did you know you can pin a specific item revision to a BoM? Pinning allows you to hard code the use of a particular revision of an item in the context of a particular parent assembly.  Another great ‘Did You Know?’  If you add a superseded revision of an item to the BoM, that item is automatically pinned.

Gavin also pointed out some of the use cases for setting date effectivity and using revision pinning:

Manufacturing: Understanding of when a new component is to be phased in, allowing better planning

Sales: Visibility of when a configuration of a product will be available for customers to order

Service: Visibility of the configuration of a specific product on a customer site, delivered on a certain date

Quality: Traceability of when a BoM changed and the BoM configuration on a certain date

Engineering: Ability to immediately revert back to a prior revision of a component in an emergency

You can always learn more about Bill of Materials in our Help!


Photo: Chris Hsia