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Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday! Permission Best Practices for Autodesk PLM 360

By     OCTOBER 7, 2014

500995147_5f56493a1e_zSomething to think about when creating roles for workspaces – did you know that there are separate permissions for Add Items and Edit Items?  This can come in handy if you want to limit who can do initial record creation.  Sometimes you want want a user to add details to an item further along in its workflow, but more tightly control who has the ability to insert. By creating two different roles – a creator type one that contains Add Items and an editor one that doesn’t, you can achieve this.


To keep all these different roles straight for the Security Administrator, consider adopting and following a naming convention for roles.  There are some thoughts on this topic on our Help under Administrator’s Guide –> Best Practices.

Want even more best practices around permissions?  Join us tomorrow for PLM Talk – noon east coast time.


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