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Tip Tuesday! New Year's Resolutions for Autodesk PLM 360 Admins

By     JANUARY 13, 2015

6182935606_eb081f67c5_zI don’t know about you, but New Year means new resolutions for me!  Declutter the house, eat healthy, sleep more, etc. One of my work related resolutions for the year is to be a better PLM admin!  I’m planning to set aside some time each week or so for some maintenance work – review scripts and provide better error trapping, clean up unused workspaces and picklists, consolidate groups and roles.  So my tip for the admins out there is to right now schedule a task to make sure you give your site some love on a regular basis.  It’s easy to see if a picklist is still is use by checking the ‘Where Used’ action in the Picklist Manager.  If no workspaces are listed, you can tell the Picklist is no longer in use:



Photo: katerha