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Tip Tuesday! New Sequencer Functionality in Autodesk PLM 360

By     DECEMBER 16, 2014

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>Today I’m snagging one of the tips from my AU 2014 “60 PLM 360 Tips in 60 Minutes” class to share with you guys.  It’s for using one of the new features we introduced in our last release.  When I queried the class attendees, seems like no one’s used this yet, so I’m here to raise awareness!  If you want to hear more about all the newest features in PLM 360, join me tomorrow for PLM Talk where I’ll go over What’s New.

We recently introduced some enhancements to scripting that will allow you to create named sequencers.  No, I’m not going to spend any time debating whether or not you should or should not use intelligent part numbers (though if you ever want some lively discussion amongst PLM geeks, throw that out there!).  You can think about using this instead of an auto number in many cases – part numbering schemes, find numbers, etc.  You have a lot more control as you can give it any starting number and step size.

Quick example for you guys. Simple action script I can puts in in the behaviors section of my workspace when I create new records:


And the result from creating a new record:


Something to keep in mind: Sequencer scripts always increment the named sequence even when you are testing or debugging the script. When testing, use a test sequence name to avoid increasing numbers on actual named sequences used in production.

There’s more info in the Help about the Sequencer Object under Scripting Reference.


Photo: Yann Duarte