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Tip Tuesday! Gone But Not Forgotten in Autodesk PLM 360

By     OCTOBER 28, 2014

7044377745_5a2e3d83db_z“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”.  Some things to keep in mind when an employee leaves your company if you’re the PLM 360 admin.  For traceability and auditing, you’ll want to keep their name in the system but not allow them to access the tenant anymore.  That’s the easy part – just change their user status to deleted.


There are some other things to review upon them leaving the company.  You’ll want to remove the user from any manually created user picklists.  Check any groups that the user was a member of and ensure others are added as needed so that there’s someone to do the functions the former employee did. Reports under that user’s account will need to be recreated (if you can have them provide report set up before they leave, that would be beneficial). Change the owner of records if needed (if you have ‘GenIsOwner’ type condition scripts in your workflows). You’ll also want to remove any secondary accounts the PLM Admin had created for testing or remove the user from the preview tenant if your company has one. 


Photo: danox