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Tip Tuesday! Getting your Product Data in Fusion Lifecycle

By     NOVEMBER 1, 2016

Today’s tip comes from an Autodesk Community post – a user was getting a BOM import error on Unit of Measure Column.  He did some self serving by finding the answer in Help…

I found the solution I was looking for in the Help Guide under 'Export a BOM' > 'Re-importing Exported data'. See below:

"If you plan on re-importing a Unit of Measure (UOM) field in your Item Details tab, select a BOM view that includes the field with UOM values from the Item Details tab instead of the Unit field in the Bill of Materials tab. The Unit field in the Bill of Materials tab shows the Unit Abbreviation value while the Item Details tab shows the full Unit Name. Only the Unit Name can be mapped in an import, and so it is required to make your reimport successful."


I covered this several years ago on the blog, but figured it was worth bringing up again – especially since for folks who are new to Fusion Lifecycle, getting your product information into the system is one of the first things you’ll do. 

Startup stock

Lastly, yes, yes, I have another AU plug – but this time for something different. I came across a track geared towards smaller companies that are trying to scale up manufacturing, find funding, establish business models, as well as stories from companies on how they made it. 

If you fit this bill, check out the “Hardware 2.0: How to scale your Startup” classes.

— Michelle Stone