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Tip Tuesday! Back to Bring You More Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle Tips

By     AUGUST 30, 2016

I’m back at it after a nice summer off to spend with my kiddos.  It was a nice digital detox and break from PLM (for the most part), but I did miss you guys!  As I’ve been catching up, I came across a great set of tips from one of our Fusion technical specialists, Marc Sauro: Thou shalt master the shortcuts…  He covers some great ideas about making your Fusion Lifecycle user experience better by using some simple web browser tips and tricks.

For anyone that’s done a screen share with me, you know I’m a BIG fan of the ‘open link in new tab’ one.  I tend to have a tab open for each of the main workspaces I frequent.  It’s also really helpful when you’re doing your initial configuration of the system – one tab for the workspace manager and another for the front end so you can check your changes live.  Or even better (if you have more than one monitor) – I like use the open in new window:image

All these little tips and tricks speed up your ability to use Fusion Lifecycle – thanks again Marc for sharing!