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Tip Tuesday! Getting Scripting Help with Fusion Lifecycle

By     NOVEMBER 8, 2016

10568759773_81dcdbcb76_z Have a burning scripting question? Have you tried running it by the community?  In the past week we’ve seen a few cases where customers had questions, which our community scripting gurus answered. 

One issue was around formatting numbers – check out Number 1234567 to 1,234,567?  Want an example validation script?  In the thread Validation Script problem several folks weighed in with some insight. End result was a working script for the customer (and shared with the community so all can benefit). Thanks Dany, Tony, and others that have answered the call in the past.  It takes a village…

If you are attending Autodesk University this year, sign up for PL21304: Smart Workflow: Adding Business Logic to Your Fusion Lifecycle, Workflows with Scripting, or PL17257: JavaScript and PLM: Empowering the User.  If you’re brand new to scripting, I’d recommend checking out this older class from AU – the handout and presentation have a great overview.

– Michelle Stone

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