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Tip Tuesday! Getting a Quick View in Fusion Lifecycle

By     OCTOBER 3, 2017

During our Accelerate conference, I was reminded of a tip I first discovered while prepping for an Autodesk University class several years ago (this is a good time to remind you guys that AU 2017 is coming up!  Need help convincing your boss you should go?  Use the cost calculator and sample email in the preceding link).

Back to the tip – I tend to rely on email notifications when I have work to do, rather than my My Outstanding Work queue on my dashboard.  That said, I know I have quite a few end users that do manage their day by reviewing that.  So I’ll be adding this tip to my training content for sure.  If you are in a workspace and bring up your dashboard this gives a Dashboard Quick View and will give you a list of your outstanding work in the active workspace.

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You can refresh right from there to to see if there is anything new you need to work on so you’re not the bottleneck!  You can also see your bookmarked items and recently viewed ones too.

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– Michelle, Fusion Adoption Team, Autodesk