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Exploring the Products Workspace in Fusion Lifecycle

By     MARCH 14, 2017

Hey readers,

I’m curious if you are currently using the products / projects workspace in Fusion Lifecycle – that nifty little setup that lets you manage the stuff in your product beyond the bill of materials.  Once the bill of materials is done, there are still tons of product related tasks, milestones and information that should be collected in one place.  The tasks should be viewable in a single location, along with a clear idea of who owns it and if they are running late. This will save you from having so many update meetings…that is the intent anyways.

Milestones are helpful for overall health of the product launch – having attachments for every photo, note, and email that is pertinent to the launch.

Check out the following video for an overview of how to use the products workspace.

– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing