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Tip Tuesday! Don’t Search… Find with Autodesk PLM 360

By     AUGUST 4, 2015

7071545621_1c0e40613d_z With PLM 360’s new, fast, accurate search experience, you too can find what you’re looking for.  Find more in our Help.

As a user of PLM 360, I find the new cross-workspace search really helpful.  A question recently came up on our Discussion Forum about how the results are displayed, so I figured I’d share that info here.

The new search returns results sorted by score – most relevant result first. The scoring algorithm is determined by a proven and tuned model consisted of several dials measuring different levels of information:

  • frequency of search term on the item i.e. how often does it appear on an item
  • how often the term appears across the entire search space
  • number of terms from the query found on the item in case its a multi-word query
  • measure of the importance of a search term according to the total number of terms on a given field
  • finally some bias indexing and searching boost levers for specific fields like item descriptor

Thanks to my teammate Martin for that level of detail – hope that helps you guys understand it’s not just a random list.

Happy finding!  Guess I no longer need to have U2 stuck in my head…


Photo: katerha

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