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Tip Tuesday! Deciding Who Can Do the Work in PLM 360

By     APRIL 22, 2014

2588347668_a1006846fa_zToday’s tip is bought to you by a post on our Discussion Group for PLM 360.  I want to review several possible ways you can allow one user in a list of multiple users to review a workflow.

You can use a condition script to block all, then decide based on a field from item details.  There’s an example of this in your tenant, GenUserInTeam (in case you don’t have it – here it is):

Setup:        Item must have a Multi-Select list of User called TEAM(field ID must be TEAM).
The Multi-Select list should use the built in ‘Users, ALL by Name’ picklist
When used, the script will allow transitioning an item to the next state in the
workflow only if the current user is on the TEAM list
Purpose:    Only people on the Team can transition an item
Method:        Compare the userID to the list of approved users in the Team field
Result:        True if the user is on the list, False otherwise

var userInTeam = false;
//TEAM is the field holding the names of all team members. Can be replaced with a different field name
//as long as the new field is of the type as described in the the header under Setup
var team = item.TEAM;

var usr = Security.loadUser(userID);
usrName = usr.lastName + “, ” + usr.firstName;

for (var index in team){
var teamMember = team[index];
if (teamMember == usrName) {
userInTeam = true;

returnValue (userInTeam);

Another method use a separate workflow permission; assign that permission to a role and group and have that drive who has the rights to promote a workflow (this works best when it’s not record level dependent, but more across the entire workspace where anyone in the group can review and make the workflow decisions).  In this example, I set up a separate permission in my Change Order workspace for just Change Analysts; I assign this to the relevant workflow transitions and a different role (so just those in the groups that have that role can perform):



A third option is to consider using a reference workspace (maintained by admins or power users) with the team list of users.

Want to learn more how other customers use PLM 360?  Mike Watkins features customer success stories on his blog or visit the forum.


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