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Tip Tuesday! Data I/O in Autodesk PLM 360

By     NOVEMBER 10, 2015

8016192302_0e9c4b7170_z First things first – have you registered for today’s Virtual User Group?  Hope to “see” you there!  I’ll bring the virtual pizza…  We’ll be talking with three PLM 360 customers about some best practices around Data I/O – how to get data into the system (import) and how to get data out (reporting).

My tip for this stems around permissions – as an admin, I find it beneficial to sometimes limit who can import into PLM (I like to extend beyond just administrators, but not open it up to all) and who can share reports (otherwise, your report page can be massive if too many folks make their reports public).  Allowing just anyone to import can be problematic – especially if they configure the import project to allow additions to pick lists.  Same with report sharing – if they don’t understand the impact of public reports and share everything, it can clutter up the reports page.  I do like that you can give non-admins these permissions, I just like to make sure folks are well-trained before letting ‘em loose.  I’ll be interested to hear how other companies approach this in today’s User Group.


Photo: Justin Grimes