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Tip Tuesday! Cloning Workspaces in PLM 360

By     APRIL 5, 2016

So you are creating a new workspace, and you decide to clone one of your existing workspaces.  Well, a couple of challenges lie in front of you.

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  1. How come that workspace isn't showing the drop down list?
  2. The workflow editor is blank?

**Tip -You will notice the warning symbol on the freshly created workspace; this will give you the hints you need to get everything ship shape.**


  1.  First, you need to setup user permissions for the workspace; the easiest way is to follow the step by step instructions found here.
  2.  When the workflow editor is blank, you can simply open another workflow from another workspace that you want to use and select all then copy.  Now paste into your  blank workflow editor.

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– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing