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Tip Tuesday: Better Searches in Fusion Lifecycle

By     APRIL 4, 2017

How much time will you spend looking for your data before you give up and create a new record?  But, this leads to duplicates and other headaches. So take a minute to learn how to better search in Fusion Lifecycle – how to handle Boolean searches, different operators and how to search across multiple workspaces.

A few key points you should know.

  • You can search for items in the current workspace or across multiple workspaces. The search looks for matching values through most fields in the Item Details tab.
  • It is not necessary to use the Boolean AND operator.
  • Leading and trailing wildcards are assumed by default. For example, Fuse finds Fusesdiffuses, and fuserama.
  • Tip: Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase. 

Check out the quick tip video below to see it in action!

– Tyler Beck, Tech Marketing