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Tip Tuesday! Best Practices in PLM 360

By     APRIL 15, 2014

345980740_b44a1e7138_zToday’s tip is bought to you by a late night “so that’s why I can’t edit this record” moment – if there are no further transitions in a workflow, it’s locked.  If you want to lock the workflow earlier, you can explicitly set the lock in the State Properties.  If you do want the record to still be editable, consider having a loopback transition (I use ‘Add Comments’ often).  You can also give special permissions to override the workflow locks if you have a set of users that need this.

When thumbing through the Help, I came across a great ‘Best Practices’ write-up and want to make sure everyone is aware of it.

What Best Practices do you use in configuring your system?  If you want to share with other PLM 360 administrators, think about becoming a speaker at AU 2014 – sign up to get notified when the AU 2014 Call for Proposals opens.


Photo: “Burning the Midnight Oil” by tlindenbaum